Tasting at Chateau Angelus, Bordeaux

I am a well-established business in the wine services sector based in the South of England with wide-ranging wine experience.  If it involves wine, the Wine Diamond is on hand to help. 



  • I am studying for the Masters of Wine exams, hold the internationally recognised WSET Diploma presented by Jancis Robinson, for which I won a scholarship prize for achievement and so was a guest at Hugh Johnson's Royal Tokaji winery in Hungary. 
  • Active member of the highly regarded Association of Wine Educators.
  • My work takes me all over and in a wide range of sectors in the wine business market including  retail, writing, wine-fairs, training, sommelier, and some tutition,
  • I love giving wine tasting presentations for corporate and private events, for wine societies plus high end charity functions, as it is always a joy to share a glass or two of wine with new friends, from beginners to enthusiasts.  
  • To keep my knowledge up to date, I like to travel widely, attend lectures and tastings, mark exam papers and I am a member of the Wine Scholar Guild.


I came to wine after qualifying as a chef and gaining Michelin Star experience. I still keep my hand-in, undertaking catering work, and holding bread-making and cooking classes.   The high level kitchen experience helped educate my palate, broadening my understanding of taste and balance.  This translates across to wine.  Fine dining also involved the special world of fine wines, inspiring me to find out more. 


As well as the cooking, I enjoy travelling, time outside, in the garden and walking the dog.  I am a supporter of Westies in Need.


My favourite wine?  Well, for a Wine Diamond it has to be sparkling!!!



Why Wine Diamond?


Well, who doesn't like sparkling diamonds.  They are a 'girl's best friend' and a classic among jewels.  It is also a good thing to be a diamond, a professional and friendly person.  There may even be a few wine diamonds, interesting snippets, on this site.


From a wine viewpoint 'wine diamonds' are really found in wine.  It's an affectionate name for the natural crystals sometimes found in a bottle of, usually white, wine.  Wine diamonds look like crystals of Demerara sugar.  In red wine they have a pinkish tinge.  Sometimes they are on the bottom of the cork, other times in the wine itself.  Mistakenly some think they are small pieces of glass.  They are not real diamonds otherwise the wine would cost a whole lot more.  They are harmless pieces of potassium bitartrate, something you would normally use for cooking as the ingredient cream of tartar. 


Wine diamonds can be a sign of quality as they occur in wines that have not been over handled.  Potassium bitartrate is less soluble when it is cold than warm so chilling encourages it to form crystals.  For many wines, winemakers chill down wine to a low temperature for a period of time, a process called cold stabilisation.  This allows tartrate crystals to form and fall to the bottom of the vat of wine.   But if the temperature is too cold the process can remove flavours from the wine too, which is why some winemakers prefer not use cold stabilisation.


Sometimes crystals can form at home.  Try not to store your wine at too cold a temperature.  If you are lucky enough to come across wine diamonds, wipe them off the cork, decant your wine or pour until just before the crystals go into the glass.  Remember if they are in your glass, they are harmless. 


...after all, as Shirley sings, diamonds are forever


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