The Periodic Table of Wine

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The Table itself Great fun to use

The Periodic Table of Wine is a handy sized book which gives a brief introduction to wines for those of you who would like to gain a little more confidence with wine and grape names to enable you to become more adventurous with your wine buying. 


Use the fold out table that comes with the book to find the wine you know you already love.  The different wines close to it are similar in style so you could find another wine you also like.


Each entry on the table has a paragraph or two in the book giving a brief explanation.  It has been designed to dip into, and return to again and again.


The pull out table in the back of the book is fun to use with friends, especially with a  refreshing glass of something in hand.


Published in the UK in Autumn 2015.  After successful sales here, it is soon to be launched in the US.

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What other people say ...

Drink Up London reviewed the book saying "we had high hopes for this easy-to-understand classification of wine which is billed as letting you discover new varities close in flavour and body as the ones you already enjoy.

Luckily the book doesn't disappoint."


Blackwell's Book Shop says ...  This is the perfect gift for any wine connoisseur. Using the system of the periodic table, this book engagingly and informatively plots out an equivalent chart for wine. And Sauvignons and Merlots are so much more interesting than Noble Gases and Base Metals…

The book is available internationally.  The American version of the Periodic Table of Wine has been published.  It has a jazzy new cover which looks fabulous with its clean lines and clear information. 


The inside is similar, however the inserted table is now printed in colour inside the book.  Great idea, as there is no chance of loosing it, though you could still spill wine on it!  Some of the text has been converted to US English to make it easier to read for my American wine lovers.


Where ever you are in the world, this accessible book is a must for those who would like to find out more about wine, and gives the confidence to try something new.  It is great fun to share the ideas with friends as they are written in a chatty, punchy style which is accessible to the enthusiatic wine lover.



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